StealThisPoster is an archive project to encouraje theft of images.

If you are reading this lines you are probably part of a species known as Sapiens, able to transform signs into signifiers. It is actually thanks to this ability that you can understand the meaning of a word, by recognizing the symbol in the sign of every single letter. Sapiens’ reality is built on this relationship between images and meanings; in a way images are the base of all human knowledge.

That’s why StealThisPoster wants to incentivate theft of images, because its aim is to have no images owners, but free images held in common.

Every design in here is a good resolution file registered as a public domain artwork. This means that every use and rework of the contents of stealthisposters.org is free and accessible to anybody with an internet connection. Credits to the websites or to the author is appreciated but not mandatory.

To prevent stealthisposter.org from getting censored again, we have set up a Tor Onion service for our website: http://e3oddnx53u3minqn.onion . To access it download the Tor browser from: https://torproject.org/download

/// Steal This Poster, BETA 2.0 /// January 2020 ///