Steal This Poster is an online archive of subversive posters and a network of subvertisers based in the UK and Italy. It’s made up by professional pirates of the outdoor advertising, providing free guerrilla communication and design services for radical groups around the globe. If you are looking for a poster to spread your subversive campaign, you might find some useful designs in our archive free for re-use; otherwise you can get in contact with us by emailing : whatshogre@subvertising.org

Our structure is non-hierarchical and we are all volunteers. We apologize for possible delays in replies or lack thereof.

All the content in stealthisposter.org is released in the public domain (CC0, No Rights Reserved) and you can download high resolution files of all the graphics. This means that every use and rework of the content of stealthisposters.org is freely accessible by anybody with an internet connection.

Metamorphosis Bureau: Hogre / Code Chameleon: Maiki / Street Operators: Special Patrol Group / Logo design: Propagazione / Mascotte: Vecna / A full list of the artists is visible when filtering by authors in the home page.

To prevent stealthisposter.org from getting censored again, we have set up a Tor Onion service for our website: http://e3oddnx53u3minqn.onion . To access it download the Tor browser from: https://torproject.org/download

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